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Hydromatic Brake Catalog

Hydromatic Brakes and Hydrotarders are versatile pieces of equipment. Originally developed for use on heavy duty rotary drill, their uses have spread to other areas such as cranes, hoists, on and off highway vehicles, conveyors, engine dynamometers, anchor windlass and winches, and many others. Any equipment which generates surplus energy can profit from the smooth fluid action, and absorbing power efficiency of the Hydromatic Brake or Retarder.

For more information regarding brake function, calculations, and appropriate set-up please refer to the linked PDF 

Wide Variety of Brake Sizes Available

Parmac offers over a dozen brake models for many industries. When you need auxiliary braking capacity on your rig contact Parmac, the Auxiliary Brake People.

Net-Zero Emissions

The Hydromatic brakes manufactured by Parmac do not require electricity to function when the liquid coolant reservoir (usually water) is in a gravity fed configuration. This feature has made our brake the most trusted auxiliary draw-works brake on the market as it retains 100% retarding capability in the event of a power failure.


Standard brakes require fresh water, free of all foreign substance. When seawater is the most economical and readily available water source, certain models of Seawater Hydromatic® brakes can be made available.


Brake models 341A, 342A are special brakes with aluminum components, and weigh less than 4,000 lbs.


 Parmac’s new generation of Hydromatic® Brakes are more efficient for their size and weight. These include the following models: 121, 122, 201, 202, SSR28, 262, 341, 342, and V-200. These newer brakes have an improved sealing arrangement for better sealing and longer seal life, which also simplifies their replacement. Some of these new models offer easier controllability. Previous generation brakes as well as repair kits and parts may still be available upon request.