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The Hydromatic® Brake or Hydrotarder® is a versatile piece of equipment. Originally developed for use on heavy duty rotary drilling rigs, its uses have spread to other areas such as cranes, hoists, on and off highway vehicles, gravity conveyors, dynamometers, deep water anchor handling, and many others. Any equipment which generates a surplus of energy on descent can profit from the smooth, fluid action "power absorbing" efficiency of the Hydromatic® Brake or Hydrotarder®.

Because of the special nature involved in most other areas, such as vehicle applications dynamometers, nitrogen vaporization etc, no attempt has been made to include detailed information for design in this catalog. It is suggested that for any proposed application of this nature, our Engineering Department be contacted.

No Special Care Required

When a Hydromatic® Brake has been properly installed, it requires no special care. It should be inspected at regular periods, such as should be done with the entire rig. Each grease fitting on the brake should be lubricated with a good grade of No.2 waterproof grease equivalent on each round trip before starting in the hole. It is recommended that the same type waterproof grease be used consistently, as some types are not compatible with others.

Circulates Own Water

The rotor in a Hydromatic® Brake is also designed to serve as an impeller for discharging heated water at the discharge ports. The rate of discharge is approximately the same as the rate at which cool water enters the brake, provided the discharge line from the brake is not restricted.

During the running in of a stand of pipe, with a Hydromatic® Brake revolving in the direction to create resistance, a sufficient volume of cool water must be available at the brake inlet, at pressures between the minimum and maximum recommended, to displace the water in the brake as it is heated.

Almost Impossible to Fail

The new, improved Hydromatic® Brakes are practically 100% failure proof. As long as the water supply to the brake is not interrupted, it is practically impossible for anything to get out of order in the brake or for the brake to fail.

Greater Capacity and Safety

The major improvement in the new Hydromatic® Brakes is their increased capacity. Their greater capacity for handling heavier loads at lower speeds steps up drilling operations and provides safer working conditions than ever before.

Ask Your Drawworks Manufacturer

If you are operating a rig without a Hydromatic® Brake, or are considering buying a new rig, ask the manufacturer about installing a Hydromatic® Brake. Manufacturers will be glad to recommend the size best suited to your needs. All of them know and recommend the Hydromatic® Brake and are prepared to install it before your drawworks leaves the factory.

Winch/Windlass Systems

The Parmac Hydromatic® Brake can be used both to control the lowering of anchors from a workboat, and to control the anchor chain payout during the positioning of the anchor from the rig. When used in conjunction with large anchor handling winches or windlasses, the power absorbing ability of the Hydromatic® Brakes results in better performance, improved control, and smoother operation. At 200 feet per minute, the Parmac Hydromatic® Brakes assist in safely making the anchor descent rate three times faster than other equipment being used today.


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